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It’s been a while…

Posted by Alix on 31 March 2009

..because I have had no internet access at home. Apologies for the disruption in the irregular service, and apologies to anyone who I’ve ignored in the comments or similar. I will try and catch up with things, but I kind of know that some things will get lost along the way.

Now, a very snappy round-up of things that happened in my absence:

A cushion, a flock, and below a new piece by Amy Ross, who just keeps on getting awesomer, called Gullshrooms:



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They do it with mirrors

Posted by Alix on 22 December 2008

Via Drawn! a video of a kaleidoscope of birds (and mice?), directed by Körner Union. I do hope no fauna was distressed during the making, etc etc.  I would love to see a behind the scenes, it looks like either great fun or a nightmare!

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Happy Birdy Birthday!

Posted by Alix on 29 July 2008

Yesterday was Birdyblog’s 1st birthday – I’m very happy to have completed a year of blogging here, and a year of easy blogging at that. Being able to focus on one subject really makes it a lot simpler to blog regularly. I hope, in the coming year, and years to come(!) to expand somewhat so that I take in more than I currently do, perhaps birdsong could make an appearance, or birds in folklore, or a wider reach with regard to bird art in different cultures and historic periods. There’s certainly scope, and I do hope I have the time to tackle more stuff. Not that I’m ever going to be one for very long posts – the images, I think will remain the main thing. I do want to feel more confident about my capacity for art description/ criticism so I can say more about the pieces I blog. We’ll see how that goes!

In the next few weeks, to mark the anniversary I’ll be revisiting favourite artists I blogged in the first year, and looking at new work by them.

Ok, that’s enough for now. Thanks to everyone whose been kind enough to leave nice comments here, and also any lurkers – you’re all appreciated :)

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The wrong side of birds

Posted by Alix on 15 July 2008

I’ve been unable to blog in recent months due to a lack of internet access at home, but it’s all ok now, so I should be blogging a bit more. Sadly I’ve missed a lot of things that I would have liked to blog about – I’ll mention a couple here now, but everything else I’m just going to forget about.

  • Via It’s Nice ThatHannah Waldron‘s whimsical screenprints are enchanting – I think I know where some of next month’s pay is going.
  • I saw the image that accompanies this post on Conscientious – it’s by a photographer called Audrey Corregan – she has more similary captivating photos of the wrong side of birds on her website, along with many other interesting photos.
  • Tipped off by the 20X200 blog – there is an exhibition of photos of birds entered into a bird competition on in the Hackney area until August 17th (that link explains it better than I have!).
  • Also via the 20×200 blog – the Jen Bekman Gallery also has been having a bit of a bird extravaganza with its Ornithology exhibition which is in the wrong country for me (but perhaps not for you..). Sod’s law dictated that I should be in Paris, and away from the web when the print of the exhibition flyer was up for sale on the 20×200 site – this was a Carrie Marill piece – I was very gutted not to be able to get a Carrie Marill print previously (blogged here) as at that point 20X200 didn’t ship to the UK, and now I have missed a second chance y being on holiday. Stupid Paris. Ah well – third time lucky perhaps. The exhibition itself looks awesome – I really wish I could visit. I’m certainly going to be investigating the artists featured, and probably blogging them at a later date.
  • I made myself feel better about missing out on the Carrie Marill print by buying this print from 20×200 by Lamar Peterson.

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