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Doublesided Cardinal

Posted by Alix on 19 February 2009

(via Kottke) – I’m not going to pretend I know what’s going on with this bird’s genetics, but this is a gynandromorph cardinal, half male and half female. Cool, huh?



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Posted by Alix on 31 January 2009

, originally uploaded by ledgr.

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Fat Pigeons

Posted by Alix on 30 January 2009

Love birds, originally uploaded by Islip Flyer.

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Flip Flop Flyin’ pigeon

Posted by Alix on 12 January 2009


A muted pigeon over here. I am liking these pictures done with Brushes.

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Posted by Alix on 9 October 2008

urbanowl, originally uploaded by stevem78.

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El Gorrión

Posted by Alix on 20 July 2008

El Gorrión, originally uploaded by tagois.

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Posted by Alix on 14 July 2008

IMG_7462, originally uploaded by stevem78.

Here’s an owl.

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bird house

Posted by Alix on 30 April 2008

bird house, originally uploaded by albumleaf.

Saw these on Drawn! – Korean illustrator Chun Eun Sil.

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Czechoslovakian matchbox label from Flickr

Posted by Alix on 23 March 2008

czechoslovakian matchbox label, originally uploaded by maraid.

Somewhat more stylised than the usual fare that graces this blog, this is, as noted in the accompanying comments a ‘camera cock’.

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Ffffound! now lost

Posted by Alix on 17 March 2008

I had to unsubscribe from Ffffound! because of the  sheer amount of stuff coming into my feed reader, here’s an image from before the unsubscribe:


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