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Mythologies exhibition at the Haunch of Venison

Posted by Alix on 21 April 2009

I swung by this exhibition the other week – it’s  a huge, diverse and interesting show, which I heartily recommend. It’s only on until the 25th of this month. There were a number of pieces relevant to this blog, including some excellent taxidermied pieces by Polly Morgan, my favourite being Carrion Call –  a coffin embellished with quail chicks peeping from holes in the wood, it’s funny, cute and disturbing. I know taxidermied birds aren’t to everyone’s taste, but I rather like them (I would have included a photo here but annoying Flash websites have prevented me from doing so).


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Posted by Alix on 14 February 2009


A puffin in uniform by Mark Weaver (via It’s Nice That).

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Victor Kerlow

Posted by Alix on 29 January 2009

Another nice image via Drawn! by Victor Kerlow. I like the wonkiness.


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Jessica Hische illustration

Posted by Alix on 24 January 2009

Another quality link via Drawn!Jessica Hische has an impressive portfolio of design work, including some beautifully done typographic stuff, but also some great illustration work. It’s kind of like a more modern Charley Harper, a bit? I’m clicking through all the images on the website and it’s really hard to choose just  few; they’re all so adorable. Here’s a few, but totally just go and look through them for yourself:



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David G Derrick Jr. drawings

Posted by Alix on 20 January 2009

I’ve never really ‘got’ sculpture. Something about it just leaves me cold.  I keep giving it a chance, but somehow it’s just not something I enjoy. I will keep trying; it took me years of concerted effort to like olives and I ended up liking them. With this in mind, this is the webpage of sculptor David G Derrick Jr (via Drawn!).  I won’t talk about his sculptures for obvious reasons, but there are some sketches of birds which are interesting, they’re quite fluid, and kind of humourous, kind of. Here’s one:


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Revisited: Amy Ross

Posted by Alix on 8 January 2009

I naively said that I was going to do my top previously featured artists from Birdyblog’s first year ages ago, predictably so far I’ve barely blogged any! So, to revive the category we start the year with Amy Ross. I blogged some of her pictures in April last, and have since been keeping up with her blog. She continues to produce these beautiful delicate watercolours which look kind of pastelly and un-arresting until you get closer and look at the detail, then you see what she describes as implausible hybrid creatures – there’s a touch of the surreal, but in a very gentle way. I am totally charmed by the work. Birds have been a pretty popular trope recently (which obviously is great for me) but I am a little bored now by the cuter, simplistic depictions of birds that crop up; Ross’ work offers non-straightforward, surprising birds, and it’s this I really like.   This is her artist statement:

I am interested in the idea of artist as mad scientist. My drawings offer visual hypotheses to the question: what would happen if the DNA sequence of a plant or mushroom were spliced with that of an animal? Using graphite, watercolor, and walnut ink on paper as well as directly on gallery walls in site-specific installations, I portray animals morphed with branches, mushrooms, berries, and blossoms, thus forming implausible hybrid creatures. These images subvert the traditional genre of botanical illustration by approaching the close study of the natural world through the lens of genetic engineering and mutation gone awry.

And these are some pictures:



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Marcus Walters collage

Posted by Alix on 4 January 2009

Some jolly birds by Marcus Walters via It’s Nice That.

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More Carrie Marrill

Posted by Alix on 1 January 2009

These will probably be gone in the smaller size by the time I publish this, but 20×200 have some more Carrie Marrill prints for sale. I almost bought it but the postage worked out at pretty much the same as the prints I’d selected (I was going to go for one of these as well), and I know it’s inexpensive art, and I really do want to support that, but I just can’t justify $65 in postage. I am so pissed off! I keep seeing this great art I want and I can’t afford it. I wish I could select around 10 prints a year, and get them all shipped over in one go at the end of the year.


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20×200 does it again..

Posted by Alix on 5 December 2008

20×200 have another great print for sale – I mentioned Jason Polan’s booklet for them a couple months back – this print is Jane Mount’s ‘132 Birds Leaving AMNH (Response to Jason Polan)‘, about which she says

“ my head, the birds would all eventually rustle up their feathers and fly away, out of their stuffed-ness, needing a day off, once a year or so (maybe on Christmas Day when the museum is closed?), to whirl around and stretch their wings before settling back in the museum to be marveled at again. So I painted them their day off”


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Charley Harper prints

Posted by Alix on 9 November 2008

Elphick’s on Columbia Road have Charley Harper prints for sale. Christmas is coming up soon, hint hint. I really like Friends of our Families (but I’ve not put a picture of it here, as it’s mainly dogs and cats).


Owl on the Prowl

sparrowsHis Eyes are on the Sparrows

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