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Bird brands

Posted by Alix on 4 February 2009

I was eating some delicious Vietnamese lunch the other weekend when  I noticed that the chilli sauce was Flying Goose brand, with a pleasant logo depicting a goose, flying (who’d a thunk?). Anyway, it got me thinking about branding featuring birds so I decided to look out for other examples to feature here. I can already think of a few to go on with, but anyone else got any they want to share?

Here’s what a bottle of Flying Goose Sriricha Chilli Sauce looks like:



2 Responses to “Bird brands”

  1. madsilence said

    Here are a few:

    Grey Goose vodka
    Eagle brand condensed milk
    Bird’s Custard
    LOng Island’s Osprey’s Dominion Vineyards

  2. Alix said

    Ooh, good stuff. I’d already got Bird’s Custard, but the rest are new to me. Well, I mean, I’ve heard of the vodka, but had forgotten about it!

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