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David G Derrick Jr. drawings

Posted by Alix on 20 January 2009

I’ve never really ‘got’ sculpture. Something about it just leaves me cold.  I keep giving it a chance, but somehow it’s just not something I enjoy. I will keep trying; it took me years of concerted effort to like olives and I ended up liking them. With this in mind, this is the webpage of sculptor David G Derrick Jr (via Drawn!).  I won’t talk about his sculptures for obvious reasons, but there are some sketches of birds which are interesting, they’re quite fluid, and kind of humourous, kind of. Here’s one:



One Response to “David G Derrick Jr. drawings”

  1. David said

    Thanks for the plug on your blog-I’ve bookmarked it. This is a great blog-if you like birds, you might like some of Rembrant Bugatti’s avain sculptures.

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