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Letterpress Hen and Rooster cards

Posted by Alix on 26 December 2008

Letterpress wedding cards over at Sycamore Street Press. Letterpress produces such a lovely effect. I bought some letterpress postcards from a little print studio in Amsterdam when I was there recently, only, to my annoyance proceeded to get staggeringly drunk and lost them somewhere along the way. Don’t shop then drink, is my festive message. It’s a real pity as there was a nice one of a pigeon. I can’t even remember the name of the printer.



One Response to “Letterpress Hen and Rooster cards”

  1. A rooster is also called a cock or chanticleer. I recall a bar in Ithaca, NY named the Chanticleer. Young birds are cockerels and pullets. Never mention capons.

    I’m a fan of hen & rooster milk glass covered dishes:

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