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Charley Harper prints

Posted by Alix on 9 November 2008

Elphick’s on Columbia Road have Charley Harper prints for sale. Christmas is coming up soon, hint hint. I really like Friends of our Families (but I’ve not put a picture of it here, as it’s mainly dogs and cats).


Owl on the Prowl

sparrowsHis Eyes are on the Sparrows


4 Responses to “Charley Harper prints”

  1. madsilence said

    A talented artist with an interesting life story. Owl on the Prowl is cool, Harper captures the essence of the scene: owl with taloned claws outstretched, reaching for his mouse dinner.

    Charley Harper – An Illustrated Life

    I love Harper’s cardinal, Red and Fed.


  2. Jennifer said

    I particularly like Owl on the Prowl as it sort of has a retro feel to it. (And I always like those images that had little hidden things in them!)

  3. tmontew said

    While located in the States, one excellent source of Harper artwork is They have one of the largest collections of new releases and vintage Harper artwork anywhere. And, they ship to the U.K. If you are not in a buying mood, the site is worth a visit just to appreciate Harper’s artwork.

  4. laughingowl said

    Thanks for the heads up! At this rate I am going to have to rob a bank in order to afford all the art I want…

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