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Mary Frey – Imagining Fauna

Posted by Alix on 20 September 2008

Mary Frey has some eerie photography over here, of  taxidermied birds and animals. These photos look like they are ancient , this effect achieved by the use of a 19th century photographic process called ambrotype) and they’re definitely verging on the gruesome. Thumbs up!


2 Responses to “Mary Frey – Imagining Fauna”

  1. tins said

    These are beautiful. What detail. Are these done up from digital photos with photoshop? I’m asking because some are action shots of birds flying and there doesn’t appear to be any blur. I’m not accusing, I’m just still trying to learn the processes. Thanks.

  2. laughingowl said

    They are very striking, aren’t they? I’m afraid I don’t have any more detail on them, though to hazard a guess from a very non-technical POV I’d say that the lack of blur is because they are taxidermied birds rather than ones actually moving? I don’t know!

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