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Revisited: Samantha Zaza

Posted by Alix on 20 August 2008

Samantha Zaza’s pigeons in military dress pencil drawings ‘Coup’ appeared in my occasional series ‘Birds in Clothes‘ in February this year. Unfortunately given the steep price I was unable to buy one (I’m not suggesting they are overpriced; frankly if I’d spent ages with the coloured pencils drawing pigeons I’d want a fair whack for it, but it’s beyond my capabilities. I do get a bit sad when I can’t buy the prints I like, though perhaps I need to get less bothered about this). There’s some nice stuff on her site under the ‘sketches’ heading, though sadly nothing very birdy (this is a slight problem of having a blog with such a well defined subject area – I feel almost like I have to apologise if I mention non-bird pieces, which is a bit silly, given that most people create a range of art and not just bird stuff, and my liking of something is not actually dependant on whether there is a bird featured. No, really!).

Here’s one of the Coup pigeons for old times sake:


2 Responses to “Revisited: Samantha Zaza”

  1. Dear Laughing Owl,

    I’m so happy you like my pigeons! The prices you’ve seen are for the original drawings, and I am hoping to get some prints made soon which will definitely be less. In the meantime, please check out some of my drawings on Flickr, which have a number of birds:

    I do love our feathered friends, and I’m glad to know there is a blog out there dedicated to their presence in art :)

    Thank you so very much,

  2. laughingowl said

    Thanks for visiting, I’m quite flattered! I’m also really pleased to hear about the possibility of prints too. You have some lovely stuff on yr flickr :)

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