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Revisited: Oh My Cavalier!

Posted by Alix on 16 August 2008

I featured Oh My Cavalier!, aka Julianna Swaney back in January this year, and subsequently bought one of the cheaper gocco prints on Etsy. Although I like the print I wish I’d gone for something with a lighter background, but that’s my fault not theirs! I love the delicacy of the drawings – I think there’s more drawings on the website than when I last looked, and I certainly don’t recall the embroidery work. I’m still trying to capture what it is I like about Oh My Cavalier, it’s maybe the combination of the very traditional medium with a Gorey-like dark playfulness, and the slightly sinister feeling you get from pre 19th century folktales. Or something. I don’t know; I just like the pictures! Here’s a selection:

And finally, shockingly, an example of the embroidery, which doesn’t actually feature a bird!


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