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The wrong side of birds

Posted by Alix on 15 July 2008

I’ve been unable to blog in recent months due to a lack of internet access at home, but it’s all ok now, so I should be blogging a bit more. Sadly I’ve missed a lot of things that I would have liked to blog about – I’ll mention a couple here now, but everything else I’m just going to forget about.

  • Via It’s Nice ThatHannah Waldron‘s whimsical screenprints are enchanting – I think I know where some of next month’s pay is going.
  • I saw the image that accompanies this post on Conscientious – it’s by a photographer called Audrey Corregan – she has more similary captivating photos of the wrong side of birds on her website, along with many other interesting photos.
  • Tipped off by the 20X200 blog – there is an exhibition of photos of birds entered into a bird competition on in the Hackney area until August 17th (that link explains it better than I have!).
  • Also via the 20×200 blog – the Jen Bekman Gallery also has been having a bit of a bird extravaganza with its Ornithology exhibition which is in the wrong country for me (but perhaps not for you..). Sod’s law dictated that I should be in Paris, and away from the web when the print of the exhibition flyer was up for sale on the 20×200 site – this was a Carrie Marill piece – I was very gutted not to be able to get a Carrie Marill print previously (blogged here) as at that point 20X200 didn’t ship to the UK, and now I have missed a second chance y being on holiday. Stupid Paris. Ah well – third time lucky perhaps. The exhibition itself looks awesome – I really wish I could visit. I’m certainly going to be investigating the artists featured, and probably blogging them at a later date.
  • I made myself feel better about missing out on the Carrie Marill print by buying this print from 20×200 by Lamar Peterson.

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