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Anyone know Turkish?

Posted by Alix on 16 April 2008

I certainly don’t, apart from how to say ‘piss off’, and I wouldn’t know how to write that anyway. Anyway, I have zero idea what this site says, but I like this owl:

UPDATE: I ran the text through a Turkish-English translator and got this:

Product : Owl Product Kodu : c011 Design : Katharina Leuzinger Turkey the first time tasarımları living Swiss ilüstratörün wonder desenleri measure İstenilen wall ölçülerine practicable. Every paper sherry cm. substance Silinebilir , import fleece vinyl price EUR KDV Product order alındıktan afterwards 1 moon in delivery passive.

In delivery passive indeed.


4 Responses to “Anyone know Turkish?”

  1. Ilmi Yavuz said

    If you send me the original Turkish text I can translate and send it to you,
    kind regards, ilmi

  2. laughingowl said

    If you click through to the link in the post – that’s the original Turkish. I’m only mildly curious, so please don’t put yourself out!

  3. Ilmi Yavuz said

    Product : Owl
    Product Code : c011
    Design : Katharina Leuzinger Turkey the first time designed by Swiss Illustrator,
    Size: As per request
    Cleaning:It can be wiped
    Delivery: after one month of the order.
    Price: EUR + VAT

    Sorry for late reply, this what I can make out of what I see under the picture.
    Kind regards, ilmi

  4. laughingowl said

    Hey, thanks!

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