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Mary Sprague Chickens

Posted by Alix on 15 November 2007


This is not that new, and I think I’ve linked to it before on my other blog, but it’s good enough to deserve another mention. The artist Mary Sprague‘s Six Foot Chickens series is absolutely the sort of painting I would like to make myself* – they’re realistic and stylised at the same time, and manage to capture a certain chicken-i-ness. They’re full of movement, and the sense of dust. I’d like to see them to appreciate the scale of the things. I love chickens, they’re so dumb and proud.


*small problem of no artistic skill prevents me


9 Responses to “Mary Sprague Chickens”

  1. I found Mary Sprague in American Style and immediately fell for her chickens. I never even liked chickens before! I love color and these chickens have wonderful color. What you said about chickens being both dumb and proud is exactly right. Now I think I like chickens – but I’m not rushing out and buying them, yet.

  2. laughingowl said

    They are beautifully coloured, you’re right. I’ve always been keen on chickens, but even so, I doubt I could afford one of these!

  3. Never mind. the big chickens are mostly all gone.
    But you could come see my new show/Trees this time/at Duane Reed Gallery in St Louis.

    And thanks for the kind words.
    Mary S.

  4. Keep an eye out for the big black one up top.
    It was stolen.

  5. laughingowl said

    Hey – thanks for visiting my site, I’m flattered and embarrassed at the same time! I’m sorry one of the chickens was stolen; that’s pretty crappy.

    I’m afraid I’m in the wrong country to visit your show, but hope it goes well for you :)

  6. mary said

    Actually, the whole show was stolen.
    Don’t buy anything from Belloc-Lowndes in Chicago.
    What country are you in?

  7. Alix said

    I’m in the UK, east London to be precise

  8. I want to purchase one of Mary’s chickens

  9. I love Mary’s Chickens

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