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Die Vogelhochzeit part 2

Posted by Alix on 2 November 2007

More bird wedding, featuring my favourite – the magpie..

(trans: the deaf – the deaf/ those gives brewed the hood)

(trans: the elster looks – the elster looks/ those geklaut the whole decoration)


One Response to “Die Vogelhochzeit part 2”

  1. laughingowl said

    Die Taube = pigeon
    Die Haube = Hood

    The pigeon, the pigeon/ Gives the bride the hood

    Yes, of course, the special day would be incomplete without the wedding hood.

    Die Elster Schaut = magpie
    Schmuck = jewellery
    Ganzen = seems to mean ‘all’, or ‘aggregate’ or such as
    Geklaut = stealing/ thieving

    The magpie has stolen all the jewellery.

    Aha, typical magpie behaviour.

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