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Andy Warhol’s Eggs

Posted by Alix on 28 July 2007


I have a postcard of this by my bed. Because I’m an idiot I didn’t clock at first that they were eggs, I was more attracted to the pastel tones, and the simplicity of the image. This picture doesn’t really do it justice, but it was all I could find online. The painting also appears to have inspired a rug. I prefer the original, I must admit.



3 Responses to “Andy Warhol’s Eggs”

  1. […] Even the 20th century pop artist Andy Warhol paid tribute to the shape of the egg. This image is taken from a WordPress blog devoted to the bird: Birdy Blog Stuff about Avian Emphemera [sic] (includes eggs).  […]

  2. Big Warhol enthusiast! How can I order the eggs & egg posters. Also prices.I’m Dana. I go by Day. Nickname. I’m an art teacher did like to expose Warhol in my teachings. Phone # 760 616-4348.

  3. Teach art &
    also have a career in visual merch. For Nordstrom.Do you have a catalog? Prices etc.My cell is 760 616-4348.
    Address is 350 Mule Deer rd; Coleville, CA,96107.
    Wld be thrilled to know more. Thank you in advance. Day

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