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Mythologies exhibition at the Haunch of Venison

Posted by Alix on 21 April 2009

I swung by this exhibition the other week – it’s  a huge, diverse and interesting show, which I heartily recommend. It’s only on until the 25th of this month. There were a number of pieces relevant to this blog, including some excellent taxidermied pieces by Polly Morgan, my favourite being Carrion Call –  a coffin embellished with quail chicks peeping from holes in the wood, it’s funny, cute and disturbing. I know taxidermied birds aren’t to everyone’s taste, but I rather like them (I would have included a photo here but annoying Flash websites have prevented me from doing so).


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Posted by Alix on 13 April 2009

bird-labelI like wine. Sometimes this is a problem, but never for very long. I wonder whether these wines might make hangovers more palatable?

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Zoologisk Museum Copenhagen

Posted by Alix on 6 April 2009

I went to Copenhagen in February and whilst there visited the Zoologisk Museum, which is part of the University. This is generally a really awesome place – chock full of taxidermied beasties, and good old fashioned displays, which for a museum typography and design fiend like myself was lovely. My timing was good, as they had an exhibition about feathers on when I visited, which was basically a large hall full of stuffed birds, including a very impressive piece where 7 or so stuffed swans were arranged to look like they were swooping down the hall to land. It’s tricky to explain this one well! Here’s some photos:


See all my Copenhagen birdy photos here.

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It’s been a while…

Posted by Alix on 31 March 2009

..because I have had no internet access at home. Apologies for the disruption in the irregular service, and apologies to anyone who I’ve ignored in the comments or similar. I will try and catch up with things, but I kind of know that some things will get lost along the way.

Now, a very snappy round-up of things that happened in my absence:

A cushion, a flock, and below a new piece by Amy Ross, who just keeps on getting awesomer, called Gullshrooms:


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Winging It

Posted by Alix on 24 February 2009

Nice piece in the Guardian a little while back about bird motifs in interior design, and a gallery to tempt the birdy shopper . I am totally on trend with regard to this, possibly the first time I have ever been in such a position. Birds are in. You heard it here first, ok?


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Doublesided Cardinal

Posted by Alix on 19 February 2009

(via Kottke) – I’m not going to pretend I know what’s going on with this bird’s genetics, but this is a gynandromorph cardinal, half male and half female. Cool, huh?


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Posted by Alix on 14 February 2009


A puffin in uniform by Mark Weaver (via It’s Nice That).

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Bird’s Custard

Posted by Alix on 9 February 2009


Although a promising name, the three birds logo on the current Bird’s Custard packaging is boring, and not particularly iconic, and prior to 1929 the packaging didn’t even involve birds!  What a disappointment. It doesn’t seem to have done the product any harm though – it has 99% brand recognition, and has been in production since 1837 (thanks wikipedia).

This 1920s (I believe)  ‘Something to Sing About’ advert is very lovely though:


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Bird brands

Posted by Alix on 4 February 2009

I was eating some delicious Vietnamese lunch the other weekend when  I noticed that the chilli sauce was Flying Goose brand, with a pleasant logo depicting a goose, flying (who’d a thunk?). Anyway, it got me thinking about branding featuring birds so I decided to look out for other examples to feature here. I can already think of a few to go on with, but anyone else got any they want to share?

Here’s what a bottle of Flying Goose Sriricha Chilli Sauce looks like:


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Posted by Alix on 31 January 2009

, originally uploaded by ledgr.

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